3.3.14 Inter-Exchange Cross Margining

Notwithstanding Rule 3.3.12, a Member may grant margin credit at a rate not exceeding that which is prescribed by the Clearing House, to a Customer which holds long and short positions on futures contracts (on the same underlying) which are traded on the Exchange and another exchange, to the extent that the risk on the position in one (1) exchange is set-off against another ("Inter-exchange Cross Margining") if the following conditions are satisfied:

(a) the risk-offsetting positions relate to contracts prescribed by the Clearing House as eligible for inter-exchange cross margining;
(b) the Member ensures that the risk-offsetting positions are carried in Customer Accounts in which the same Customer is the legal and beneficial owner;
(c) the Member provides for the right of set-off in respect of the Customer's positions with the Clearing House and any other relevant clearing house in its contractual agreements with that Customer;
(d) the Member, except for a Bank Trading Member or a General Trading Member that holds a licence specified in Rule 2.4.1(b), continues to calculate the Counterparty Risk Requirement for each counterparty exposure to the Customer as if margin credit had not been granted;
(e) the Member continues to maintain adequate liquidity facilities (bank lines and cash balances) to fund the gross margin payable to the Clearing House and any other relevant clearing houses;
(f) the Member imposes a limit on the amount of margin credit granted to the Customer which should not exceed:
(i) in the case of a General Trading Member, 20% of the Member's Free Financial Resources; or
(ii) in the case of a Bank Trading Member or General Trading Member that holds a licence specified in Rule 2.4.1(b), such other amount as may be prescribed by the Exchange in respect of Contracts traded on the Exchange;
(g) the Member has proper internal controls and risk management procedures*, to monitor the credit risk and liquidity risk arising from Inter-exchange Cross Margining. The Exchange reserves the right to impose additional conditions or disallow a Member from offering Inter-exchange Cross Margining if it is not satisfied with the internal controls and risk management procedures of the Member requesting Inter-exchange Cross Margining; and

*Refer to Regulatory Notice 3.3.14(g).
(h) the Member notifies the Exchange, prior to offering Inter-exchange Cross Margining to its Customers, that it has complied and will continue to comply with the conditions set forth herein.

For the avoidance of doubt, Inter-exchange Cross Margining is not allowed for positions carried in Customer Accounts opened with different Members.

Amended on 1 April 20141 April 2014 and 22 April 201922 April 2019.