3.3.18 Reporting of Open Positions

The following requirements apply in relation to the reporting of Open Positions:

(a) a Member shall submit to the Exchange a daily report of Open Positions. Such report shall be in such form as the Exchange may prescribe from time to time*; and

* Refer to Regulatory Notice 3.3.17; 3.3.18; 3.3.26; 3.3.27.
(b) upon request by the Exchange, a Member shall obtain the information required by this Rule regarding the ownership and control of Open Positions within any Omnibus Account and any sub-account of any Omnibus Account. However, if the Omnibus Account holder does not want the identity of any sub-account holder to be disclosed to its carrying Member, the Omnibus Account holder may apply to the Exchange for a special identification for the sub-account thereof, for reporting Open Positions covered within this Rule through its carrying Member.