It shall be a major offence for a Clearing Member charged to:— be guilty of fraud or any act of bad faith or of any dishonest conduct; make a material mis-statement to the Clearing House, SGX RegCo, any committee, any person or entity referred to under Rule 1.01.8, or their respective employees and members; not to take steps to prevent further Contracts having to be cleared by it after its insolvency; refuse to appear before the Clearing House, in connection with any investigation, or any committee at a duly convened hearing, or in connection with any investigation, refuse to fully answer all questions or produce all books and records at any audit hearing or investigation, or give false testimony, or fail to produce any books or records requested by the Clearing House staff in connection with an investigation within thirty (30) days after such request is made or fail to appear at a scheduled staff interview unless good cause is shown for such failure to appear; make use of or reveal any confidential information obtained by reason of participating in any investigative proceeding or hearing; fail to maintain minimum financial requirements or fail to maintain the required Clearing Fund Deposit; commit an act which is substantially detrimental to the interests of the Clearing House; refuse to comply with a final arbitration award; refuse, after hearing, to comply with an order of any hearing committee; violate any provision under this Rules which cites such violation as a major offence; fail to comply with any written directive from the Clearing House or any other officer or committee of the Clearing House (including but not limited to any Circular, notice, letter or memorandum signed by the Clearing House or such officer or committee); and fail or neglect to maintain or keep complete and accurate records in accordance with the SFA and/or SFR or this Rules.

Amended on 27 March 200627 March 2006, 15 September 201715 September 2017, 12 November 201812 November 2018 and 3 June 20193 June 2019.