Without limiting Rule 510, the offering memorandum, or base and supplemental listing documents, must include the following information:—

(1) terms and structure of the issue;
(2) financial information on the issuer and its guarantor (if any);
(3) financial information on the entity whose securities are the subject of the issue of structured warrants;
(4) whether the issuer or another person will make a market in the structured warrants. If so, the identity of the Designated Market-Maker, the maximum spread between the bid and offer quotations, the minimum quantity to which the quotations apply, and the circumstances in which no quotation will be provided, must be disclosed. If there is no market maker, to provide an appropriate negative statement;
(5) whether the issuer has authority to issue further structured warrants;
(6) If the structured warrants are not fully covered by the underlying securities held by a trustee, a declaration that the issuer has appropriate risk management capabilities to manage the structured warrants issue; and
(7) any other information required by the Exchange.