In Rule 5.6, "single customer" means, in relation to a customer who is:—

(1) a person, that person and such group of persons whom the first-mentioned person is able to control or influence;
(2) a corporation, that corporation and any other corporation or group of corporations which is or are deemed to be related to the first-mentioned corporation pursuant to section 4(1) of the Companies Act; or
(3) a person, that person
(a) and any corporation whose issued share capital is 50% or more owned by those persons mentioned in Rule 5.6.5(1) or those corporations mentioned in Rule 5.6.5(2); or
(b) and any corporation whose composition of board of directors is controlled by those persons mentioned in Rule 5.6.5(1); and for this purpose the composition of the board of directors shall be deemed to be controlled by those persons, if they, by the exercise of some power exercisable by them without the consent or concurrence or any other person, can appoint or remove all or a majority of the directors of that corporation,

but shall not include the General Clearing Member itself.

Provided always that a single customer of a General Clearing Member shall not include the end customers of any Trading Member who is qualified by the General Clearing Member.

Amended on 1 July 20081 July 2008.