(a) In the case of a reverse takeover where there have been material changes to the group structure of the issuer, or in the case of a listing of a REIT or a business trust, proforma group accounts must be presented in addition to the annual audited accounts, where applicable. The proforma financial information must provide investors with information about the impact of the proposed group structure by illustrating how that group structure might have affected the financial information presented in the prospectus, had the group structure been put in place at the commencement of the period being reported on or, in the case of a proforma balance sheet or net asset statement, at the date reported on. Accordingly, the proforma information must include all appropriate adjustments of which the issuer is aware, necessary to give effect to the group structure reported on, or in the case of a proforma balance sheet or net asset statement, at the date reported on.
(b) The proforma income statement or statement of comprehensive income should be presented for the latest 3 financial years and for the most recent interim period (if applicable) as if the restructured group had been in existence at the beginning of the period reported on. The proforma statement of financial position should be presented as at the date to which the most recent proforma income statement or statement of comprehensive income has been made up. In the event a REIT or business trust is unable to present the required proforma financial information, the Exchange may request for the provision of profit estimates, forecasts and/or projections as satisfaction of this Rule.
(c) The accountants' report must include details of any transfers to and from any reserves if those transfers are not reflected in the proforma results in respect of each of the financial years reported on.
(d) The reporting accountants must express an opinion as to whether the proforma group accounts are properly prepared and consistent with both the format and accounting policies adopted by the issuer in its financial statements, and whether the adjustments are appropriate for the purposes of preparing the proforma financial statements.
(e) The proforma information must:—
(i) clearly state that it is prepared for illustrative purposes only based on certain assumptions and after making certain adjustments to show the financial position and results of the issuer had the proposed group structure been in place during the relevant period;
(ii) clearly state that because of its nature, it may not give a true picture of the issuer's actual financial position or results;
(iii) identify the basis upon which it is prepared and the source of each item of information and adjustment; and
(iv) be based upon information from audited accounts.
(f) The issuer should use the most appropriate reporting currency in presenting financial information, taking into account the functional currencies of its businesses, the reporting currency for publication of future financial statements, and other factors relevant to a full and proper understanding by investors of the group's financial condition, risks and prospects.
(g) Where there has been a material change to the company's accounting policies, a summary of the significant changes in the accounting policies and the reasons for and quantitative impact of such changes on the issuer's financial results should be provided.
(h) [Deleted]

Amended on 29 September 201129 September 2011 and 7 February 20207 February 2020.