A mineral, oil and gas company must comply with the following:

(1) Make immediate announcement involving any material changes to the reserves and resources, including the basis upon which the issuer asserts the existence of any new material reserves or resources that has not been previously disclosed, where applicable. In addition, a summary qualified person's report in respect of the reserves and resources must be announced as soon as practicable.

Where the announcement involves the reporting of new material reserves or resources that have not been previously disclosed, or a 50% change or more in reserves or resources that have been previously reported on, the summary qualified person's report must be prepared by an independent qualified person.
(2) Make immediate announcement of any change in the Standard adopted by the issuer, including the reasons for the change and the impact, if any, on its existing stated level of reserves and resources.

Added 27 September 201327 September 2013 and amended on 23 August 201823 August 2018.