An issuer must issue the following to persons entitled within 3 market days (within 5 market days in the case of a scrip counter), or such longer period as the Exchange may approve, after a record date:

(1) Letter of Entitlement, if any;
(2) Application Forms for rights shares and excess rights shares ("ARE"). In the case of a rights issue of warrants, warrant and excess warrants application form ("WAF" or "WEWAF");
(3) Provisional Allotment Letters ("PALs") for shareholders whose names appear on the share register, incorporating item (2) as well as:
(a) Form of Acceptance;
(b) Request for Splits;
(c) Form of Renunciation;
(d) Form of Nomination;
(e) Excess Shares Application Form; and
(4) Such other documents as the Exchange may require.

Amended on 29 September 201129 September 2011 and 7 February 20207 February 2020.