(a) any manifest error in:
(i) the electronic statement referred to in Rule 7.3.1; or
(ii) the Settlement Bank Net Money Settlement Statement; or
(b) any failure by any Principal represented by the Settlement Bank to pay the Net Debit Balance to the Settlement Bank,

the Settlement Bank shall pay to CDP the Net-Net Debit Balance or CDP shall pay to the Settlement Bank the Net-Net Credit Balance as stated in the Settlement Bank Net Money Settlement Statement in accordance with Rule 8.3.2A irrespective of any dispute between the Settlement Bank and CDP as to the amounts stated in any of those statements.

Any dispute shall be considered by CDP only after CDP has completed payment of Net-Net Credit Balances to Settlement Banks and Settlement Banks have completed payment of Net-Net Debit Balances to CDP for that Settlement Day. Any monies to be refunded or deducted shall be refunded or deducted free of interest to or from the relevant Settlement Bank by crediting or debiting the amount to or from that Settlement Bank's Net-Net Debit Balance or Net-Net Credit Balance (as the case may be) as soon as practicable after the dispute is resolved.

Amended on 26 April 201326 April 2013.