Error trades in structured warrants that are referred to SGX-ST will be reviewed in accordance with the following Rules:

(1) For the purposes of Rule 8.6.4A, the no-cancellation range for structured warrants is determined as the wider of the following:
(a) a lower limit of twenty (20) minimum bid sizes less than the Reference Price, and an upper limit of twenty (20) minimum bid sizes higher than the Reference Price; or
(b) a lower limit of 75% of the Reference Price, and an upper limit of 125% of the Reference Price.
(2) The Reference Price of the no-cancellation range for structured warrants will be determined as follows:
(a) the average of the last quoted bid price and the last quoted offer price for the structured warrant immediately preceding the error trade; or
(b) the average of the market prices as quoted by at least three (3) Designated Market-Makers of structured warrants. The Designated Market-Makers will be selected randomly by SGX-ST, but will not include any Designated Market-Maker who is involved in the error trade which is under review.
(3) Where SGX-ST is of the view that no appropriate or reliable Reference Price is available, SGX-ST will not establish a no-cancellation range for that error trade.
(4) Upon receiving a request to review an error trade involving structured warrants, SGX-ST will consider the validity of the error trade. SGX-ST may, in its discretion, make a determination that the error trade is to be cancelled, having regard to the factors set out in Rule 8.6.12.
(5) For the purposes of this Rule 8.6, "structured warrants" includes any structured warrants, certificates and any other structured products listed under Chapter 5 of the SGX-ST Listing Manual, whether or not they are classified as futures contracts under the SFA.

Amended on 24 February 201424 February 2014.