9.1 Undertakings

The Depository Agent undertakes to the Depository that it shall:

9.1.1 distribute to the Sub-Account Holders in accordance with their respective holdings in the Sub-Accounts as at the Record Date any cash, property or other rights that may be received from an Issuer through the Depository;
9.1.2 unless otherwise agreed with Sub-Account Holders, keep each Sub-Account Holder duly informed of relevant information which may from time to time be issued by the Issuer or by the Depository in respect of Deposited Securities in his Sub-Account;
9.1.3 furnish to each Sub-Account Holder such information as the Depository shall specifically direct, promptly after receipt of such direction from the Depository.
9.1.4 give notice in writing to the Depository immediately upon the breach of any one or more of the representations and warranties referred to in the Depository Agent Agreement.