Appendix 14A Existing Issuer's Undertaking

Cross-referenced from Rule 1403(3)

We, ........................................................................... (existing issuer), intend to comply with the Catalist Rules.

1. Agreement

We agree:

(a) That the listing and quotation of our securities, or refusal, suspension or removal thereof, is in the absolute discretion of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX). SGX may admit or quote on any conditions it decides. SGX is not obliged to give reasons.
(b) To comply with the Rules if admitted (as amended from time to time).
(c) That the Rules may be modified or waived by SGX in its discretion.
(d) That SGX may enforce any action, disciplinary or otherwise, under the Rules.
(e) That SGX may make public any action taken and the reasons as set out in the Rules.
(f) That SGX may contact any organisation (regulatory or professional) regarding the proposed listing and quotation of our securities, and may give them and receive from them any information or documents considered by SGX or that organisation to be relevant.
(g) To pay all fees when due.
(h) To accept as final, binding & conclusive any decision made by SGX.
(i) To pay all costs required by SGX.
(j) To submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.
(k) That the proper law of this agreement is Singapore law.

2. Warranty

We warrant to SGX that:

(a) There is no reason not disclosed to our sponsor why our securities should not be listed and quoted on Catalist.
(b) The information and documents provided to our sponsor, or provided to SGX as requested, are complete and accurate.

3. Indemnity

We indemnify SGX and its staff, agents and delegates to the fullest extent permitted by law in respect of any claim, action, other civil liability, or expense arising from or connected with:

(a) Anything done or omitted to be done with reasonable care and in good faith in the course of, or in connection with, the discharge or purported discharge of their obligations under the law or the Rules.
(b) Any breach of the above warranties.
(c) Any breach of our agreement.


Proper execution by applicant (eg, seal)*
Signed by ................... (name and position) pursuant to authority granted by resolution of the Board on .................. (date) *

* Delete where not applicable.