Appendix 2.1 Contents of New Listing Application

Cross-referenced from Rule 246(1)

Brief Particulars

The following information must be provided in the listing application:—

1. Name of applicant.
2. Date and place of incorporation.
3. Brief description of principal business.
4. The full title or designation, amount, class and par value of the securities for which listing is applied and whether the securities are fully paid.

Note: Application should be made to list only that part of the share capital, which has been issued, shares to be issued in connection with the new listing application, and shares to be issued pursuant to Part VIII of Chapter 8.
5. Date of application
6. Whether applicant is seeking a listing on the SGX Main Board or Catalist, and the currency its securities are proposed to be quoted in.
7. Brief information on the offering, including size, price, methods to be used and whether the issue is underwritten. If the issue is not fully underwritten, the portion that is not underwritten should be stated.
8. Whether the securities, which are the subject of the application, are listed or will be simultaneously listed on another stock exchange(s). If so, name the other stock exchange(s) and state which is/will be the home exchange.