Appendix 8.4.3 Application for Listing of Securities Arising from Options Exercised Under an Employees' Share Option Scheme — Primary/Secondary* Listing

Cross-referenced from Rules 870(2) and 880

Name of Applicant __________________________________________________

Application for listing of ____________________________ additional securities of $ ___________ each fully paid arising from _____________________ options exercised under the Employees' Share Option Scheme (the "Scheme").

1. State how the additional securities rank with existing securities.

(If they do not rank pari passu, confirm that the certificates have been endorsed accordingly, and provide a specimen copy of the endorsed certificate to the Exchange)
2. In respect of each class of securities, provide the following details:—

Class of security : ______________________

Total number of issued shares excluding treasury shares Options granted and outstanding
  Number $   Number $
Before exercise

Add: Issued pursuant to exercise
    Before exercise

Less: Amount exercised
After exercise  


Amount outstanding  


3 Outstanding Company Warrants/Convertible Preference Shares* : _________________ (if more than one issue, give a breakdown)

Total number and amount of Outstanding Convertible Loan Stock/Bonds*
:$ _________________ (if more than one issue, give a breakdown)
4 We confirm that the attached list of options were granted and exercised in compliance with the terms of the Scheme approved by shareholders at the Extraordinary General Meeting held on _____
Name: Authorised Signature:


Designation: Date:




(a) A copy of the Return of Allotment (Form 24) (if any) filed with the Registrar of Companies and Businesses.
(b) Confirmation of despatch of Share/Stock Certificates.
(c) Cheque for any additional listing fee, if applicable.
(d) Letter of approval from the Home Exchange granting listing and quotation to the new shares/stock units.

Note: (a) and (b) are not applicable to secondary listing applications.
(d) is not applicable to primary listing applications.

* Delete where applicable.