Practice Guidance 12: Engagement with Shareholders

Companies should engage the shareholders on whether the company should voluntarily announce interim updates on useful and relevant information in addition to the mandatory financial statements. Information which shareholders would find useful include: a discussion of the significant factors that affected the company's interim performance, relevant market trends including the risks and opportunities that may have a material impact on the company's prospects. Such information provides shareholders a better understanding of the company's performance in the context of the current business environment. The Board should then consider whether interim updates should be provided to shareholders, and the appropriate frequency of the updates.

Companies should provide a specific investor relations contact, such as an online submission form, email address or contact number, through which shareholders are able to ask questions and receive responses in a timely manner. Where the company has a lead independent director (Lead ID), the company should provide information as to how shareholders can contact the Lead ID directly, rather than having to go through the company.