Practice Note 2.28A Procedures to Suspend Qualification of a Trading Member

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11 January 201111 January 2011 Clearing Rules Rule 2.28A.3 and 2.28A.5 Please contact:

Member Supervision
Facsimile No : 6538 8273
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Market Control
Hotline : 6236 8433

1 Introduction

1.1 Rule 2.28A.3 states that a Clearing Member who wishes to suspend its clearing arrangement with a Trading Member, shall notify the Clearing House of its decision to suspend its clearing arrangement with that Trading Member, and comply with any reasonable direction of the Clearing House in relation to the suspension of the clearing of the Trading Member's trades.
1.2 Rule 2.28A.5 states that the Clearing Member shall clear and settle all the trades of the Trading Member which are done right up to the point when the Trading Member has been disabled from entering trades to be cleared by the Clearing Member.
1.3 This Practice Note sets out the operational procedures that a Clearing Member should follow to notify the Clearing House of its decision to suspend its clearing arrangement with a Trading Member.

2 Procedures for Suspending a Trading Member

Designated Officers

2.1 Clearing Members shall at all times have at least two Designated Officers whose role is to notify the Clearing House of the Clearing Member's decision to suspend a Trading Member.
2.2 For each Designated Officer, the Clearing Member shall submit to Market Control the Designated Officer's name, identification number, contact details, and a sealed envelop containing authentication information stipulated by Market Control. (For security reasons, the required authentication information will not be published in this Practice Note. Clearing Members are to contact Market Control regarding the required information.)
2.3 Clearing Members must promptly update Market Control of changes in Designated Officers, and any changes to a Designated Officer's information.

Notification of Suspension of Trading Member

2.4 Once a Clearing Member has decided to suspend a Trading Member, the Clearing Member's Designated Officer shall contact Market Control by telephone during trading hours at the Market Control Hotline, 6236 8433, and notify Market Control of the suspension.
2.5 Market Control will verify the identity of the caller by requiring the caller to respond correctly to two authentication questions.
2.6 If the caller is authenticated as the Clearing Member's Designated Officer, Market Control will effect the suspension of the Trading Member. The suspension will be effected within one hour of the authentication of the Designated Officer.
2.7 SGX will suspend the Trading Member's trading access and cancel all open orders for the suspended Trading Member. Market Control will notify the Designated Officer when this is done.

Final Traded Position

2.8 For the purposes of Rule 2.28A.5, the Clearing Member shall accept the Trading Member's final traded position as stated in the trade report produced by SGX.
2.9 For clarifications, the Clearing Member may call the Market Control Hotline, 6236 8433.

Added on 11 January 201111 January 2011 and amended on 15 September 201715 September 2017.