Practice Note 6.07A — Facilitator Agent

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Added on 1 October 20091 October 2009. Rule 6.07A Please contact:

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1. Introduction

1.1 Rule 6.07A states that the Clearing House may appoint any person as a Facilitator Agent to perform any function for the purpose of facilitating delivery by Clearing Members.
1.2 This Practice Note elaborates on the role of a Facilitator Agent, and sets out the Facilitator Agents appointed by the Clearing House, and the functions for which such Facilitator Agents are appointed.

2. Role of a Facilitator Agent

2.1 Where, upon maturity of a Contract settled by way of physical delivery of an underlying Commodity, a Clearing Member continues to hold open positions which have been cleared through the Clearing House, the Clearing House may facilitate delivery by such Clearing Member in accordance with the Contract Specifications.
2.2 The Clearing House may appoint a Facilitator Agent to carry out, on its behalf, any function to facilitate such delivery by a Clearing Member.
2.3 For the avoidance of doubt, where a Facilitator Agent is appointed, the rights and liabilities (including any exclusion or limitation of liability) as between the Clearing House and Clearing Members in relation to physical delivery provided under Chapter 6 of this Rules, shall continue to apply.

3. Facilitator Agent for Contracts Traded on the Singapore Commodity Exchange Limited ("SICOM") and Settled by Way of Physical Delivery

3.1 In respect of Contracts matched and executed on SICOM and cleared through the Clearing House, SICOM shall be appointed as the Clearing House's Facilitator Agent.
3.2 SICOM shall, on behalf of the Clearing House, perform all functions required to facilitate delivery by Clearing Members in accordance with the relevant Delivery Rules except all matters in relation to Clearing Members' monies.
3.3 The functions performed by SICOM shall include:
a) matching of Clearing Members with open positions after the Last Trading Day, in accordance with the Contract Specifications;
b) acceptance of any documents, or instruments (other than monies) from any Clearing Member required pursuant to the relevant Delivery Rules for the purpose of effecting delivery;
c) release of any documents or instruments (other than monies of a Clearing Member) to any party in accordance with the Contract Specifications; and
d) receipt of notification of any claims in relation to the performance of Delivery Obligations from any Clearing Member.
3.4 Except for matters in relation to Clearing Members' monies, Clearing Members effecting delivery through the Clearing House shall deal directly with SICOM in the performance of their Delivery Obligations, regardless of whether its counterparty is a Clearing Member, or a clearing member of SICOM.
3.5 Clearing Members shall deal directly with the Clearing House in respect of all matters relating to monies under the Contract Specifications.